Meet A Younger Man
For Casual Dates


Explosion In Older Women Dating Younger Men

Over the last 6 months we’ve seen a massive lift in the number of older women flooding the site. More of the younger men are meeting with ladies for dates, no commitment involved. Neither of the singles are looking for commitment to come out of the date, playing well for both parties. The arrangement itself has been around for years but kept discreet by society, we have created this site for both younger men and older women to come together and have some fun, Of course, we want to keep things here discreet too…


A Younger Man Makes You Feel Younger

Older men can’t keep up. That’s a fact, most men do not have the stamina they used to have in their 20s, energy trumps age, ask any woman what they think. Men reach their sexual peak in their twenties, due to a large testosterone spike, couple that with the fact that they are more likely to be willing to try new things between the sheets, and you have a winner. Another reason why mature women seek younger men is the control factor, older women can feel more empowered, some younger men prefer being under the thumb a little.


Why Older Women Are Seeking Younger Men Online

It’s always been a bit of a taboo for an older woman to date a younger man. Often, the older woman is judged by her friends or family, and it doesn’t quite sit right. What has been brewing in the background is the relationships that older women are having with younger men called ‘toyboys’. As more and more people are going online, they are finding new opportunities to meet singles from all over, at the convenience of their phones, this has led to an explosion in older women finding more dates online. We created this site to cater for the increase in cougars that want to pounce at younger men. Join now and get chatting to some of our singles. Just remember that these women do not have too much time, keep all conversation straight to the point.


Live Your Life And Forget Your Age

We believe that your age should not dictate the number of dates you go on, if you are looking to really push the boat out and meet lots of people, then that is exactly what we want to help you do. Many older women feel that older men cannot keep up with them, and that’s fine, there are plenty of men more junior to them who are full of energy, that can provide the injection of youth needed to make you come alive.